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“Pencil” is one of the important & powerful tool used during the development of the child.

Pencil is an instrument used for writing and drawing. (Consisting of think stick of graphite known as lead)

In the learning age the development of gross motor and fine motor skills is very important.

Just in a few lines for easy understanding.

What is child development?
This process involves learning and mastering skills.

Children’s develop skills in 5 main areas:

1.Cognitive Development:
The child’s ability to learn and solve problems.

2.Social & Emotional Development:
The child’s ability to interact with others and helping themselves and self-control.

3.Speech and Language Development:
The child’s ability to both understand and use words, build sentences, and learning language etc.

4.Gross Motor Skills:
It involves the larger muscles in the arms, legs.Gross motor activities include walking, running, lifting, kicking etc.

5.Fine Motor Skills:
Skills are achieved when the children learn to use their smaller muscles in the hands, fingers & wrist.Fine motor activities include holding, eating, writing etc.

So I am sure the basic understanding about skill development is well understood.

Every child goes through this process.

Now, moving towards the topic.

Children often like playing right… But why?

Because they get familiar with the activity of playing repetitive ways in which they start enjoying and also the gross motor skills are developing. Because often the fun side of playing is shown to the kids and put under observation for them.

Now similarly we need to introduce them to one of the important & powerful articles which is PENCIL in a fun and interesting way which the parents miss out often and then parents start complaining about the child not showing interest in writing ( Point to think and question our self )

Suddenly one day a pencil is given to the child and we expect them to start writing with help or without help. For the child it becomes difficult to understand the importance of it simply because it wasn’t introduced to them before hand.

So let’s learn something new today.

1.Build a surprise.

2.Introduce the pencil to the child in fun or generous way.( touch and feel )
Under the guidance of parents without sharpening the pencil.

3.Tell them what a pencil is?
What does a pencil do?
The black dot is the lead

So that the child gets familiar with the article that they would be using all their life.

4.Help them to learn some warm up exercises for the beginning before they start writing.

 • Rolling the pencil forward and backward. (using the thumb & following 2 fingers ) Or ( keeping the pencil in between the palm of both hands and roll forward & backward )

 • Picking the pencil from the surface &
keeping it back again – Repeat

Maybe for a week you can follow the exercises.

5.By next week the child will get familiar with pencil and will have a friendly approach towards the pencil. Hence the child will associate with it better and in much positive way.

6.Following week then you can build a surprise where you can sharpen the pencil and show the child as to show how led comes outward. Trust me the child will be just mesmerized, surprised to the fullest and they will enjoy with their divine innocence.

The important things to be taken care of at the initial stage of writing.

 •  Warm up

 •  Grips needs to learned

 • Repetition and Practise

 • If the pencil is held with incorrect grip then
it leads to pain in the finger.

 • The standard grip can be applied.

Pencil Grip

 • To hold the pencil correctly, you just need your first three fingers.

 • Thumb: its strong and its helps to push the pencil

 • Index finger: It will guide the pencil to move in every direction.

 • The tallest finger: is used to rest the pencil upon.

 • Space between thumb and index finger. ( thin line space )

 • Other two finger will rest one below the after.

 • Tiny finger will rest on the surface.

Just remember to make it a Fun learning process .
You can create your own unique ways to make it more interesting for the child and you will see the difference in the child’s approach towards writing.

All the Best ! let’s connect to build connections and keep connecting.

Good morning !!!!

Gooooood Morning!! to all my beautiful people around the world 😍

Sky is bright,
Birds chirping left & right,
Enjoying the cool breeze with beautiful sight.

Sun rising up from the clouds,
Time to get up is the sign so loud.

Grass went wet due to the dew drops,         My feet just stops.

Dew drops falling from the leaves,            
God is directing to the best to achieve.

~ Invest to Rest ~

Let us give this gift to ourselves and our dear ones in order to keep them healthy always.

I will recommend this below mentioned book to everyone who is looking for a self help for your physical & mental health.

I have done basic & advance practical workshop based on You Can Heal your life Louise Hay theories with Facilitator : Mrs. Sadhana Waikar in Mumbai India.

Sadhana Waikar is an internationally certified Heal Your Life trainer with experience of 25 years in healing and teaching. She regularly conducts HYL workshops in Mumbai.

It was a powerful two day workshop where we were taken through a magical transformative journey.

We were gently guided towards developing awareness of our negative beliefs, releasing old emotions, discover our inner power & personal strengths.

I am sure we all must be eating healthy food for good health & body.
Similarly we also need to give healthy diet to our mind too..
So along with a good feed,
also need a good read.. then.. Must buy🌿

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That someone is “You”

” Gratitude Journal “

Without any doubt…

That someone is “You” to bring the spark back in you.

Let’s take the time out for self to improve our emotional well-being.

A simple daily practice of  GRATITUDE can  help in lot ways. Make gratitude journal and decorate with colours or sticker per your choice as you would want the journal to look like. Not necessary but if you want it to be colorful and lovely you can Or Keep it simple. Choice is all yours.

GRATITUDE practice is to remember on the good things that have happened in our lives. It can be big or little. Actually each and everything around us and within us we can be thankful for. Once you start writing you will be surprised with your own list.

GRATITUDE to all your body parts, what you have in life, organs, parents, friends, job, business, kids, brothers, sisters, home, every little things inside the house.

GRATITUDE to our country, gratitude to what has happened in your life in past,whats happening in the present & things that will happen in the future, gratitude to current situation, gratitude to what you got due to lockdown, gratitude to all light workers, all health workers, police, government, whoever is providing any kind of services to you.

GRATITUDE to nature, animals, plants, All the systems in universe, teachers, trainers, coaches.

GRATITUDE to your bright future continue to be in gratitude every single day.

Examples : Fresh air that we breathe, Organs that working all good,lovely weather, favourite food being cooked, bed we sleep on,vessels we cook in, vehicles we ride in, clothes we wear, road we walk on, getting window seat, clear roads with no red signals, receiving your favourite chocolate, glimpse of your favourite person etc.

  • I enjoyed the journey, Thank you for the window seat i got today.
  • I enjoyed the meal, Thank you for  surprising me with my favourite meal.
  • I love chocolates.Thank you for bringing me my favourite chocolate today.
  • As i got to see you today,You made my day Thank you.
  • I am grateful to feel the air in my lungs.
  • I am grateful to feel the beatings of my heart.
  • Dear Parents,Thank you for the unconditional love.
  • I am grateful for being alive.
  • Thank you for this lovely new day.
  • Thank you for the home I stay in
  • Thank you for the water I drink and use.
  • Thank you for bed on which I relax.
  • Thank you for the education & ongoing learnings.
  • Thank you for surrounding me with me positive people Etc… You can now make your own. I am sure.

Allow yourself a moment to enjoy the positive experience.Keeping a daily gratitude journal will helps in releasing stress Or You can even do it on weekly basis too if easy for you to remember everything that happened to you during the week. Upto to you completely..

Practicing gratitude will help you increase positive emotions and also improve the mental and physical health.Whichever time suits the best you can try first thing in the morning Or night before you sleep or actually anytime is fine as your preferred time. Personally I prefer writing it at night.

When you make gratitude a regular habit, it will help you learn to recognise good things in your life despite of any sad or bad situation.

Kindly make an effort towards experiencing gratitude on a daily basis.

It will just surprise you to the fullest.

“ Happier to Healthier.”

Encourage the kids to start with their “Gratitude journal”. It will keep them calm and peaceful in life.

Loads of LOVE & GRATITUDE to each one of you.

” Gratitude stone ” Art by self

So… let’s begin with your gratitude journal.

Looking forward to read ur experiences on the same. Do share & leave comments.

~ Men have emotions too ~

~ It’s ok to CRY ~

My Observation recently with my frequent visits for my father to the cardiologist department / centre in a hospital was that the patients were mostly men’s.

May be because some emotions which is not acknowledged then it leads to negative physical effects on the body diseases or disorders.

I am sure many men experience intense emotions. They just bury their emotions deeper & keep their feelings more guarded. It makes them feel sad and angry.

Its like a trap & social pressure that tells boy’s / men’s don’t cry which begins from the tender age which leads to suppress their feelings and emotions.

” It’s ok to CRY ” Crying can ease both physical and emotional pain. Also helps to reduce pain and promote a sense of well-being.

~ The Magic is “You” ~

When your heart♥️ knows, it just knows.
You can’t explain it. You just have to trust it.

There is true magic,
When come together & hold hands,
Blissfully the love expands.

Different set of skills we are here to build,
Watch together & get miraculously thrilled.

You share your stories & I’ll share mine,
Together let’s reach cloud nine.

You share your ideas & I’ll share mine,
Let’s come together & shine.

Be an independent who realises the value,
Make the future best to view.

What is the time telling us ?

This question struck my mind.
What is the time telling us ?
seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years its we deciding it… not the time..

Earlier when there was no watch, How did people do time management.
They took rest, finish work, gave time for self & loved ones, early to bed till early to rise.
How did they manage all wisely with sincerity ?

When nature was the only clock.
I am sure with so much love and dedication every task must have been completed and life was cherished.

Is it the time controlling us or we are controlling the time ?

“Human created clock,
Its nothing but a block.
Now has no – time ,
Keep saying every – time.
Lets enjoy moments of life time,
Adding to it with some fresh lime.”

We have only one life .
Start doing things you love.

We have time in abundance.
Stop wishing for more time.
it is we , who have limited ourself.

Sun, moon, stars, tides do they have a clock too ?
Do they keep checking on time too ?
I am sure they dont.. but still does its task peacefully each day and cycle goes on.

Now a days people are so much in hurry.
eat fast, talk fast, write fast, work fast, ride fast, complete the task fast, we have no time & lot more..

Where are we heading with this fast life ?

Time to slow down.
Feel the feelings.

Life is about creating & living the moments and not a time slot thing.

Is it the clock stopping us from creating moments with some numbers , wheels, hands and springs inside ?

Kindly think💭
What is the time telling us ?

~ Splash 💦 ~

” So happy i was for the click i took “

Splash Splash ! so perfect you look,
So happy i was for the click i took.

So spontaneous you are always,
Different you look with high raise & plays.

You look so beautiful just being you,
Best is to watch your views so true.

You keep changing your look all days.
Not easy for us at all to chase.

The silent water to a splash,
This a lovely non voilent clash.

White to being transparent you turn,
Fraction of seconds it takes to return.

~ Paw 🐾~

“Magical Pair”🐾🐶

“Infinite love & bond we share,
It is the undivided best pair.

Loyalty & protection that you give,
This title is hard to earn & receive.

A walk with you feels so light,
Sharing talks with you is so right.

Soft cuddles is the best to feel,
You have the power to heal.

When you are around can’t compare,
Feels relaxed even after the nightmare.

Your eye showers great care,
Magical pair we are that’s so rare,
Beaware is declared everywhere.”

~ Suicide ~

Stay away.. dont even come closer

You are not the solution,
Stay away.. dont even come closer,
You enter when arrives loneliness & no connection.

Stay away.. dont even come closer

Even when comes heart breaks,
Or comes misunderstanding,
Let’s together with love & care,
Create more understanding.

Stay away.. dont even come closer

Even when we fail, Remember !
“Its ok to Fail,
Someday greatly we will Sail.
Attempt with all hard work in the Next,
We will come out to be our version of Best”

Stay away..dont even come closer.